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The main objectives are: To observe and listen.

  1. To get acquainted with the Hebrew characters.
  2. To get acquainted with the sound of the Hebrew characters.
  3. To observe the Hebrew words and the equivalent English translated words.
  4. To listen to the sound for the proper reading of the blessing.
  5. Click on Hebrew word to listen to the sound. You can click and listen that word as many times as you want, until the Hebrew pronunciation of that word becomes familiar to you. To adjust volume use your computer or speaker(s) volume controls.

Hebrew word
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Transliteration Baruch
English spelling for a Hebrew word
Read Left to Right
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Translation into English Blessed
The meaning

In Hebrew and English Transliteration:
The vowels are in red, the consonants are in blue.

NOTE:(Modern Hebrew is written without vowels. For the purpose of the tutorial we included the vowels.)

Listen to the sound
The Blessing Over the Wine
  1. Memorize Hebrew first than English, repeat until you can do it with your eyes closed.
  2. Please, do not move onto the next section until you have memorized, This normally only takes 2-3 minutes.
  3. After you have memorized, replay sound. See how well your pronunciation matches.

    NOTE: Words inside parenthesis*() are needed for continuity (coherent flow)

Read Right to Left
Read right to left



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